Real Estate Business Planning and Management

We assist individuals and businesses in the Real Estate segment by structuring businesses involving real states that operate in both urban and rural areas.

With the formation of societary and tributary areas, offering legal solutions that assist company administration in a more efficient and applicable manner.

In addition, they operate as financial agents and private investors, analyzing and constructing actives and ensuring tax collection.

At the same time, legal security is provided when acquiring and selling businesses, merging divisions, or communities incorporating via their own traditions.

When it comes to real estate and business inquiries, we have a wide range of experience, including:



Real estate licit inspecting and visioning to discover and qualify actives;

Development of resources and follow-up on allotments and urban dismemberment registry;

Designing activities of acquiring and selling, interchange, donation, loan, and real surface right, the establishment of bondage, usufruct, construction, and renting real estates, as well as procedures Built to Suit and Sale-Leaseback, rural rental, and agriculture partnerships;

Acting on administrative processes or judicial revision of registries and acquisition;

Creating a genuine warrant;

Advising on the formation of partnerships between corporations or investors;

Creating resources and maintaining real estate registries for residential, commercial, industrial, multifunction, hotel, and shopping mall properties;

Judicial consultation and coordination of georeferencing of urban and rural properties;

Affectation of patrimony constitution;

Uncertainty administrative processes or providences arrangements, as well as real estate registers

Acting in conjunction with notarial services, registers, and other governmental bodies to regulate real estate transactions, obtain, validate, or abolish registrations, and adverbal.