Business Law

We create and implement well-designed tax governance practices, with the goal of reducing tax burdens and, as a result, providing compliance in terms of conformity and transparency in organizational operations.

These well-constructed practices function as tactics to develop a model of management seeking control, coordinating and revising tax procedures, envisioning the reduction of taxes and fiscal risks, and ultimately changing into a thoughtful differential towards market competitiveness.

Continuous Advisory

Positioned to be an extension of law departments for companies and businesses, focusing on preventive action; manages judicial inquiries to avoid or minimize conflicts and their consequences; provides legal advice, insights, and elaborates, analyzes all types of contracts and documents, assisting with corporate management as a whole.


Advisory with the intuition of rewriting operations of contracts with banks, emphasizing passive negotiations, formalizing transactions, and restoring improperly charged values

Judiciary Recovery, Extrajudicial or Strategical Businesses

Analyzes acute economic crisis scenarios and provides legal premises, procedures, financial injection, and management turnaround module, producing with the client a recovery plan tailored to their organization.


Acts in the protection of society’s interests, stakeholders, and participates on trials involving mergers, acquisitions, dissolutions, or corporate reconstruction, on both administrative and legal aspects.


Advocates in heritage matters (possession, ownership), contracts (analysis or preparation), successions and family inquiries, civil duties, and complex legal inquiries.