Organization of
Acquisition, Mergers and Social Law

We participate in heritage and social reconstruction processes by granting and implementing solutions that work toward goals for heritage reorganization or suitable processes for merging and acquisitions.

‣ Societal reorganization (transformation, incorporation, societal merger, and societal division);

‣ Coordination of company acquisition, admittance associates, and capitalization processes;

‣ Production, modification, and development of social status contracts, agreements, and arrangements between colleagues, shareholders, or outsourced investors;

‣ M&A tool development, from purchase to exchange and societal contribution sessions, acquisition and actives disposal, fundraising through memberships, joint ventures, and congeners;

‣ Due Diligence Legal procedures through which we examine the legal position and risks by developing systems to protect a company’s operations.

Corporate Governance
& Succession Planning

We defend our society’s interests in procedures involving mergers, acquisitions, division, or societal restructuring, whether administrative or judicial in nature.

‣ Analyzing, planning, and executing legislation for asset transfers across generations, both in terms of capital (family or investors) and management;

‣ Restructuring heritage and the construction of structures for societal purpose;

‣ Establishing and regulating consultative counsels, both tax and administrative;

‣ Incorporates Corporate Governance policies;

‣ Collaborate to the concept and development of Partner and Shareholder agreements.

Management and
Heritage Reorganization

Preserves and organizes personal or business assets by reformulating and evaluating company structures, fundamentally developing them, in order to obtain better procedures for corporate decisions.