Happy individuals make the work environment healthier, which leads to better results for the customer. As a result, we rely on psychology to help us comprehend what it is to be a human being as a whole, and how all of its proportions must be in harmony in order to achieve a healthy state

Health Care

Cassuli takes care of its employees' physical health by providing a health plan, a pharmacy agreement, life insurance, and a free gym at the company's headquarters.

Investment in Professional Development

We are also concerned with academic growth, providing financial assistance for courses relating to the professional's field of work and encouraging continuous internal training in collaboration with the Cassuli Institute

Incentive and Recognition

With regard to financial motivation, we have the Positions and Salaries Plan and prioritize compensation for our professionals. We also established SMART goals linked to the factors of organizational success and recognition for achievement, through an annual bonus.

Quality of Life is Fundamental

Finally, Cassuli recognizes the importance of quality of life in the workplace. As a result, we provide a comfortable and enjoyable environment for our professionals, as this is where we spend the most of our time
We also include areas for leisure, recreation, and socialization so that employees may recharge their energies and share ideas with their coworkers.

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