When distributing information and delivering papers, we keep track of whether or not our clients are in conformity with tax laws. Getting ready to defend against federal, state, and local taxes. Monitoring the process, providing administrative court superiors with resources, keeping up with trials as necessary, and promoting oral sustenance in the contributor’s defense.

Judicial Tax

We defend the interest of contributors in the Judicial Power, pursuing the discontinuation of the tax release or the inadmissibility of executive process, in all cases, presenting resources, monitoring expertise, judgments, and orally sustaining defensive terms; acts also in preserving rights and obtaining certificates, authorizations in credit protection agencies.

Judicial Taxes

Representing clients, focused on the removal of illegal tax obligations, as well as the return of incorrectly obtained values; presents to filter difficult court queries, such as credits rights, exemptions, immunities, and nontaxation.


We defend enterprises in proceedings involving tax evasion, from the first police investigation to the final judgment.